Cane and Reed

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A selection of popular seat styles. Materials may vary in width and size from seat to seat.

SEND A SAMPLE when in doubt and we will help identify the correct materials.

hand cane seat
Hand Caned Seat
 Use chair caning instructions 
and order chair cane
rush seat
Rush Seat
Use fiber rush instructions 
and order fiber rush
prewoven cane seat
Prewoven Caned Seat
Ask for free 
prewoven instructions 
and order prewoven webbing


strand chair cane
prewoven cane webbing
prewoven cane kits 
fiber rush
reed, flat, flat oval & round
binder cane

chair seat weaving books

herringbone weave seat
Herringbone Weave Seat
 Use herringbone  instructions
 and order binder cane or
 flat oval reed

Diamond Splint Weave
Use diamond splint weave instructions  and order binder cane or flat oval reed

Porch Weave Seat
Use New England 
porch weave instructions
 and order binder cane or
flat oval reed

Finger Lakes Fan Seat
 Use fan weave instructions
 and order binder cane  
or flat oval reed

Carolina Close Weave 
 Use Carolina close weave instructions  and order
binder cane
 or flat oval reed

come visit the bookstore

if you have a 
metal framed chair 
like this one, we have a
solution for you
Danish cord seat
Danish Cord Seat
 Use Danish seat  instructions
 and order danish cord

Splint Weave Seat
 Use splint weave  instructions
 and order ash or reed

Adirondack Rustic Weave
 Use Adirondack Rustic Weave instructions
 and order wide slab rattan or flat oval reed

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